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She had been a sex educator and pleasure pioneer since 2010. Her career started with the world renown Pleasure Chest. She managed and help launch NYC’s largest Adult retailer in the Bronx where she also started a free workshop program. She hopes to travel and spread orgasms wherever she goes. If you ever meet her, she loves strong coffee and even stronger vibration. She likes to refer to herself as the Queen of Wands. She is currently back at the Pleasure Chest, keep your eye on their calendar for her teaching workshops!

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This week, Jess invites professional sex educator (and professional pervert), Carly S., to the podcast. The pair discuss why dirty talk is such an important form of communication in relationships and how effective it can be when used properly. Carly is a master of dirty talk and gives Jess specific lines and examples that you can use tonight!

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Sex With Dr. Jess Episode 60: How To Dirty Talk Like A Pro

What is “Why are people into that?

It’s one of the Best Sex Podcasts according to IndieWireEsquireBuzzfeed, and Autostraddle, Why Are People Into That?! is an independent radio show created, produced, and hosted by Tina Horn. Each episode focuses on a subject of human sexuality – as conventional as cocksucking or as fringe as fire play, as broad as power exchange or as specific as prostate massage – and non-judgmentally asks the question:


Through conversations between host Tina Horn and her guests, each of whom is an expert in the episode’s subject, the podcast explores science, psychology, social dynamics, and history as well as scintillating stories and tips for exploration.

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Live! Virgo Edition: Pleasure Chest NYC Sept w Myisha Battle + Carly

G spots, 69’ing, custom porn, crystal massage oil: It’s YAPT Live at the Pleasure Chest with Misha Battle and Carly! Recorded on Sept 7th in NYC, this panel also covered NURU, pegging, magic wands, how sword swallowing helps you to improve your oral sex skills, and why Carly wants to be on News12 The Bronx for beating up an intruder with a certain sex toy. 

Live! Monster Edition: Katie Skelly, Kristen Sollee, & Carly: Pleasure Chest NYC Oct

Lesbian vampires. Face-hugging aliens. Blue collar werewolves. Shitty boyfriend robots. Abject zombies. Mermaids with strap-ons. The devil’s ice-cold dick. This are just some of the hilarious ways we sexualized monsters on this Halloween edition of YAPIT Live at the Pleasure Chest in NYC. My gore whore guests Katie Skelly (author of the graphic novel My Pretty Vampire), Kristen Sollee (author of Witches Sluts Feminists) and Carly (sex educator at the Pleasure Chest and author of the Dildo Or Dil-Don’t blog). 

Pleasure Chest: Body Positive NY Resolutions w Carly

NYC-based Sex educator Carly is sick and tired of shame-y New Years’ Resolutions. So we decided to brainstorm body positive ways to start 2018! From watching yourself masturbate to treating your sex toys extra nice, this is the only resolution guide you’ll need this January!Carly S. has been a sex educator since 2010 and runs the blog dildoordildont. If you ever meet her, she loves strong coffee and even stronger vibration. She’s called the Queen of Wands, and it’s easy to figure out why. Check the Pleasure Chest calendar to see her teach!



Carly S. On Tina Horn’s “Why are people into that?”