Having a love affair with yourself

I write a lot about body confidence, but how can you really take care of yourself the way you need? Here are some tips to deal with any insecurities head on and become the most confident pleasured person you can be. Tips to protecting yourself – Not being bothered by harassment will frustrate bullies the most. – Sometimes confronting it head on is really satisfying … Continue reading Having a love affair with yourself

Why is Body Confidence Important?

Why Do We Need Body Confidence? Technically speaking a third of the population is overweight (That’s over a hundred million people) The media loves to make fat people the funny friend, not the sexy friend. Media will also make us seem gross and unlovable Supermarkets try to sell us gross “diet food” full of chemicals Doctors will lecture us about “the fat” When you google … Continue reading Why is Body Confidence Important?

#SoSS Shout our Sh*t Saturday (self care edition)

The best part of being a sexuality blogger is building community. Unfortunately for us, it’s hard to promote our writings or events because of the puritanical society we live in. Ads don’t get approved on facebook, pictures get removed from instagram, so on and so forth. But because of our supportive community we will not be silenced!!! Here is a round up of some recent … Continue reading #SoSS Shout our Sh*t Saturday (self care edition)

Hot Sex Without Melting?

 Actual picture of me I’m fat and always feel extra hot (temperature wise!). So in the summer I feel particularly unsexy. You don’t have to be fat to be too hot to get sexy because the heat can drive even the most ambitious person to avoiding intimate body contact. In the heat you’re already sweating just from sitting still – having sex is something I can’t … Continue reading Hot Sex Without Melting?