Sex Toy Materials: Is your toy safe?

Sex Toy Materials are super important There are two main types that break down into more specific materials that I’ll explain. Basically there are porous materials, which means they absorb bacteria; and non-porous, which means way more hygienic, and does not absorb bacteria. Also easy to clean and durable. Porous Materials: Use with caution There are lots of reasons why someone would want a porous … Continue reading Sex Toy Materials: Is your toy safe?

How to Treat Cam Girls

Camming has forever changed the adult industry. Cam models are essentially DIY porn stars who work from home. Most performers have ultimate control over what they do, when they do it, and how. For viewers, it’s a personalized interaction unparalleled to other formats of porn. Here are some tips to treating the models right Camgirl (Cam-girl, chat model, or cam-whore) is an Internet term for … Continue reading How to Treat Cam Girls

Why you should pay for your porn

#payforyourporn! But seriously. Who actually pays for porn? However, there is some demographic research on this topic. One study showed that in states that have passed conservative laws about sexuality, residents are more likely to pay for porn—in those states, about five percent of internet users pay for porn.  In a 2009 study, “Red Light States: Who Pays for Adult Entertainment?”  by Benjamin Edelman, urban areas with … Continue reading Why you should pay for your porn

Jelly Rubber Bummer

Jelly sex toys are the only sex toy thing I will ever say a hard no to. It is the material that most people are familiar with, especially if they are not up to date with sex toy trends. Most toys were made out of jelly rubber, or just rubber in general before people knew better. The questionable material has many problems attached to it. Jelly toys can break … Continue reading Jelly Rubber Bummer

How to create the perfect sex playlist

Nothing sets or kills the mood more than putting on some music in the bedroom. Music can help you feel comfortable and relaxed while having sex, which is super important. Also pay attention to the words and sounds of your favorite track, it can help you unwind and be present in the moment. Beats per minute (BPM) or the tempo of the music is the … Continue reading How to create the perfect sex playlist

Join The Women’s Orgasms Matter Campaign

Why do we even have to explain why pleasure is important for women When I’m talking about women in this content I am speaking of people who have vaginas (because not all women have vaginas). There is something that people have been doing research on called the “Orgasm Gap” which basically refers to the fact that in heterosexual sexual encounters, men have more orgasm than … Continue reading Join The Women’s Orgasms Matter Campaign