Hot Sex Without Melting?

 Actual picture of me I’m fat and always feel extra hot (temperature wise!). So in the summer I feel particularly unsexy. You don’t have to be fat to be too hot to get sexy because the heat can drive even the most ambitious person to avoiding intimate body contact. In the heat you’re already sweating just from sitting still – having sex is something I can’t … Continue reading Hot Sex Without Melting?

A lube for every Occasion. Which is best for you?

I recently wrote about how important lube is. So now that you know you want lube, what kind should you try? There are benefits for certain types of lubes for specific body parts. Oral sex: flavored lube. One important thing to look out for especially with flavored lubes is glycerin. Glycerin is sugar, even if a lube says sugar free read the ingredients and check for … Continue reading A lube for every Occasion. Which is best for you?

Lube: Why Wetter Is Better

I work in a sex toy store and the most stigmatized but important item that we sell is lube. People seem to get offended when you ask if they have lube at home to go with their toy but there is no shame in using or enjoying lube. I would say it’s the most important thing I sell and everyone should have lube on their … Continue reading Lube: Why Wetter Is Better

Pride Edition: BJ tips on Aftermarket Cocks

There are tons of BJ tips for factory installed cocks out there, I teach a ton of workshops in fact for people looking to perfect their techniques. But what about the people who want to perfect their tips for those aftermarket cocks. Enthusiasm! This is number one for a reason. Your attitude when you initiate a blowjob should be that you love to do this and you … Continue reading Pride Edition: BJ tips on Aftermarket Cocks