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A lube for every Occasion. Which is best for you?

I recently wrote about how important lube is. So now that you know you want lube, what kind should you try? There are benefits for certain types of lubes for specific body parts. Oral sex: flavored lube. One important thing to look out for especially with flavored lubes is glycerin. Glycerin is sugar, even if a… Continue reading A lube for every Occasion. Which is best for you?

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Peanut Butter & Jelly Toy Pairings

Sometimes people come into the shop I work at and want one magical toy to do everything for them. And while I hope they find it, that probably isn't the most realistic request. There's no shame in having multiple sex toys. Maybe some do something that another doesn't do, or maybe you just want different… Continue reading Peanut Butter & Jelly Toy Pairings

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Splish Splash: Mermaid Masturbation

If you didn't know, I'm actually a mermaid. I love water and my favorite toys are toys that are waterproof. Whatever genitals you have  water masturbation provides plenty of opportunities for new sensations and orgasms! The best part is water masturbation is, mess-free, and pleasurable. So, go on and get wet! An Oldie But A Goodie: The Bath… Continue reading Splish Splash: Mermaid Masturbation

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Pride Edition: BJ tips on Aftermarket Cocks

There are tons of BJ tips for factory installed cocks out there, I teach a ton of workshops in fact for people looking to perfect their techniques. But what about the people who want to perfect their tips for those aftermarket cocks. Enthusiasm! This is number one for a reason. Your attitude when you initiate a… Continue reading Pride Edition: BJ tips on Aftermarket Cocks

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Light my fire. Part Two: Foreplay

Setting the mood and foreplay is an important often overlooked aspect of sex. Increased arousal/lubrication, and intimacy are some key reasons to really sex it up and set the mood and focus on foreplay and everything that happens before the sex happens. Intercourse or orgasms don't even have to be the focus, just be present and enjoy… Continue reading Light my fire. Part Two: Foreplay