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How to Treat Cam Girls

Camming has forever changed the adult industry. Cam models are essentially DIY porn stars who work from home. Most performers have ultimate control over what they do, when they do it, and how. For viewers, it's a personalized interaction unparalleled to other formats of porn. Here are some tips to treating the models right Camgirl… Continue reading How to Treat Cam Girls

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Why you should pay for your porn

#payforyourporn! But seriously. Who actually pays for porn? However, there is some demographic research on this topic. One study showed that in states that have passed conservative laws about sexuality, residents are more likely to pay for porn—in those states, about five percent of internet users pay for porn.  In a 2009 study, “Red Light States: Who… Continue reading Why you should pay for your porn

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Join The Women’s Orgasms Matter Campaign

Why do we even have to explain why pleasure is important for women When I'm talking about women in this content I am speaking of people who have vaginas (because not all women have vaginas). There is something that people have been doing research on called the "Orgasm Gap" which basically refers to the fact… Continue reading Join The Women’s Orgasms Matter Campaign

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Shake the Ground: Stongest Vibes out there

There's lots of reasons why someone would need or want a really strong vibe, and there is nothing shameful about it. Knowing what you want sexually helps not only your own pleasure, but your ability to communicate it to people you're sleeping with. Lots of people need a lot of stimulation to orgasm and need… Continue reading Shake the Ground: Stongest Vibes out there

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Pheromones. Make Life Sexier

What are pheromones Have you ever found someone particularly sexy without knowing why? It could be that you are lured in by their pheromones, invisible chemical signals that can subtly alter a person’s mood, mindset, or behavior. Pheromones are basically chemicals that are released from our bodies in an effort to elicit a response from… Continue reading Pheromones. Make Life Sexier

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A lube for every Occasion. Which is best for you?

I recently wrote about how important lube is. So now that you know you want lube, what kind should you try? There are benefits for certain types of lubes for specific body parts. Oral sex: flavored lube. One important thing to look out for especially with flavored lubes is glycerin. Glycerin is sugar, even if a… Continue reading A lube for every Occasion. Which is best for you?