Crash Pad Episode 280: Bambi Belle and Denali Winter

From Crash Pad about the episode

Bambi Belle is playing ‘possum, but Denali Winter knows how to tame this wild critter. Tied up and tickled, Bambi wriggles and writhes when Denali rips their leggings open and puts a Magic Wand to their pussy. After Bambi wipes their whiskers off between Denali’s thighs, they share a vibrator, before Denali muffles Bambi’s hisses of pleasure with their fishnet-bound butt.

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First Crash Pad review of 2019 for me! and I’m excited to see what more experienced performers have to offer. A lot of people’s first pro-porno experience is crash pad so it’ll be interesting to see what experienced performers do with the freedom. Crash Pad shoots a wide variety of experiences not just variations of sexuality or gender expressions, but people in different places in sex work without sensationalizing their first experience like many other companies do. As always it’s a humanizing model that treats performers as individuals, not just flesh.

Denali Winter and Bambi Belle

I don’t know much about these performers, but they both talk about craving queer sex and authenticity so they’ve come to the right place and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us all

My favorite aspect of pet play is how playful it tends to be. What’s more adorable then Bambi Belle playing possum for Denali Winter the sounds and the ears are just too much for me! Cuteness overload. Being able to joke about doing things in an order that doesn’t make sense does make you a good dominant. Sex is suppose to be fun, and if you can’t laugh at yourself then it’s going to be a tough time because no one is perfect.

Playful rope is so fun to watch. Especially as a person who enjoys rope, but can’t do serious ties. It’s nice to see rope included in a way that’s beginner friendly. Just a simple loop around feet or hands is enough to incapacitate

More folks wearing lipstick and leaving lipstick marks in porn forever! Nothing education to add besides my personal lipstick fetish

When you watch real life couples in scenes you tend to get less check ins because they know each other better, which can make for really hot scenes because they know all the buttons to press. The industry used to really force folks to not work with their real life partners frequently because they thought fans wouldn’t want to see you fuck the same person over and over and now performers have more autonomy and fans do want to see it.

Using the magic wand between the bodies on both partners junk at the same time is something that makes scissoring way more effective, especially if you have a larger body or vulva. Makes sure the stimulation gets to where you need it. A perfect partner will tell you if your eye lashes are still on after they sit on your face. All in all, great episode with lots of giggling and chemistry.

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