Crash Pad Episode 253: Sinful Sweetheart and Tramp

From Crashpad about the episode “P-P-P-P-POWER BOTTOM!!! Ahem. Sorry, I’m flustered after watching Sinful Sweetheart top Tramp, with a bit of switchy energy crackling in the air. Maybe I’m just hearing Miss Sin’s flogger landing on Tramp’s back, though. After making Tramp cum, Sin lets her playful pupper give her an orgasm to shout about, and the two share a double-ended dildo in one of … Continue reading Crash Pad Episode 253: Sinful Sweetheart and Tramp

Hot Octopus Queen Bee Review

About: The Queen Bee with patented PulsePlate Technology™ “Founded on medical science and patented across the world, the Queen Bee is a powerful next-generation clitoral stimulator. Utilizing our multi-award winning PulsePlate Technology™ to deliver a unique and intense experience, the Queen Bee is setting new standards for female toys. Unlike conventional sex toys, the Queen Bee uses a ‘piston’-type mechanism in order to generate extremely deep … Continue reading Hot Octopus Queen Bee Review

Holiday aphrodisiacs

Typically, an aphrodisiac is defined as a food that causes arousal or enhances sexual desire. Aphrodisiacs have been around for as long as people have been having sex. If there’s a food that has a reputation as a sexual enhancer, people are going to try it. However, do they really work, or is it just a placebo effect? For instance, you heard oysters can impact your sex … Continue reading Holiday aphrodisiacs