We-Vibe Nova Review

About: From We-Vibe “Nova by We-Vibe™ combines the pleasure of G-spot stimulation with powerful clitoral vibration. The unique design flexes with movement to stay in contact with your clitoris. Nova rumbles like no other dual stimulator. The easy-to-use controls let you get the feeling just right. Increase or decrease the intensity or turn off the G-spot or clitoral vibration. Mix it up to try new … Continue reading We-Vibe Nova Review

Peanut Butter & Jelly Toy Pairings

Sometimes people come into the shop I work at and want one magical toy to do everything for them. And while I hope they find it, that probably isn’t the most realistic request. There’s no shame in having multiple sex toys. Maybe some do something that another doesn’t do, or maybe you just want different sensations. You’re allowed to play around with your pleasure and … Continue reading Peanut Butter & Jelly Toy Pairings

Sex Worker Witch: Magic Potions For You

If you didn’t know, not only am I a powerful Witch but I am also a proud sex worker. I have done everything in the industry from escorting and stripping, to Pro-domme work and Cam modeling. Self care is not only important, but helps prevent burn out. There are some herbs that are really wonderful for the body, especially if you rely on it to make … Continue reading Sex Worker Witch: Magic Potions For You

Crash Pad Episode 240: Andre Shakti and Dante DeMoan

From Crashpad “”Andre Shakti gets rough and rowdy with with her favorite wolfie, Dante DeMoan. After thumping his chest red, Andre fucks Dante with a strap-on until he can’t wait to get his hands on (and inside) her. If you like hard fisting orgasms, you’ll love this one.” (click here to go to the episode) So now to Swoon a little over the stars. Now … Continue reading Crash Pad Episode 240: Andre Shakti and Dante DeMoan

My advice for moving on after a broken heart

Breaking up sucks. Period. Bottom Line. Now what? Time does indeed heal all wounds. But there are some deeper ways to look at this heavily recited mantra. Don’t give yourself a set amount of time to heal.  Is healing time two months, one year, two years, five years? Is there a particular shame in hurting? In feeling pain? Do we want to somehow magically erase those … Continue reading My advice for moving on after a broken heart

Splish Splash: Mermaid Masturbation

If you didn’t know, I’m actually a mermaid. I love water and my favorite toys are toys that are waterproof. Whatever genitals you have  water masturbation provides plenty of opportunities for new sensations and orgasms! The best part is water masturbation is, mess-free, and pleasurable. So, go on and get wet! An Oldie But A Goodie: The Bath Faucet Trick If your tub faucet has enough pressure, and … Continue reading Splish Splash: Mermaid Masturbation