Pride Edition: BJ tips on Aftermarket Cocks

There are tons of BJ tips for factory installed cocks out there, I teach a ton of workshops in fact for people looking to perfect their techniques. But what about the people who want to perfect their tips for those aftermarket cocks. Enthusiasm! This is number one for a reason. Your attitude when you initiate a blowjob should be that you love to do this and you … Continue reading Pride Edition: BJ tips on Aftermarket Cocks

Liberator Flip Ramp Review

About: From the Liberator Site “Versatility was never so sexy. The Flip Ramp is the perfect combination of functionality and discretion. When open, this Shape is an inclined Ramp that allows for deeper penetration and access, and it provides support for a variety of exciting oral and sexual positions. Closed, it is a supportive, rocking pedestal for your partner, ideal for from-behind positions, or it can … Continue reading Liberator Flip Ramp Review

We-Vibe Rave Review

About: From We-Vibe “The soft edges and powerful rumble of Rave by We-Vibe stimulate your senses and satisfy your G-spot. The unique asymmetrical shape transforms your gentle movements or twists into pure pleasure. Beautifully sculpted and curved so it’s easy to hold, Rave offers effortless control of your pleasure. The asymmetrical shape leads directly to your G-spot. Press down gently on the handle to apply … Continue reading We-Vibe Rave Review

Fun Factory Moody Review

About: From Fun Factory’s Website “What are you in the mood for? G-spot or prostate play? Enjoying the ripple of a textured toy as it massages you on the way in and out? Running that same surface along your favorite hotspot in a way that makes it feel like vibration + fingers + rhythm + awesomeness? Relaxing into the rumble of a powerful motor? Yeah, we … Continue reading Fun Factory Moody Review

Happy Masturbation May. (AKA Why you should touch yourself!)

When you think of masturbation, what comes to mind? Do you think it’s dirty or serves no purpose? Well, you’re missing out on some great benefits. Helps improve mood and depression. No this isn’t a cure all, and you shouldn’t throw out your anti depressants. BUT orgasms stimulates the release of pleasure endorphins from the brain, which flood the body and boost your mood. Can help … Continue reading Happy Masturbation May. (AKA Why you should touch yourself!)

Rianne S Bella Body Wand Review

About: From Rianne S. “External full body massager. Completely waterproof. Queen of orgasms – Bella is the Italian word for beautiful. That’s exactly how you will feel using the Bella by RIANNE S, because orgasms do make you feel beautiful. Due to her easy use and very strong motor the Bella is the queen of orgasms. With just one button you can scroll through the 10 … Continue reading Rianne S Bella Body Wand Review

Elvie Kegel Trainer Review

About: Elvie is an award-winning exercise tracker for your pelvic floor. the elvie is a small pebble-shaped pod designed to help you exercise and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Using Bluetooth, it connects to an app on your Smartphone to guide you through five-minute pelvic floor workouts and chart your performance over time. Initial Thoughts: I love charts and graphs so I was excited to have … Continue reading Elvie Kegel Trainer Review